Manufactured Homes  -- One Stop Program
Beginning April 1, 2003, the Calhoun County Commissioner of Licenses office assumed the full time duties and responsibilities of all manufactured home registration and inspections.  Previously anyone registering a manufactured home paid applicable sales tax and title fees to the License Commissioner's office, then applied for a manufactured home decal from the Tax Collector's office, as required by law.

In an attempt to make the registration process more efficient and convenient to the taxpayer, Calhoun County Tax Collector Virginia Dothard and License Commissioner Barry Robertson formally agreed to turn the registration and inspection process over to the Commissioner of Licenses office, thus insuring a "One-Stop Program" for manufactured homes.

Basic registration fees for manufactured homes are as follows:

$ 29 Owner-Occupied, Single Wide Residence
$ 53 Owner-Occupied, Double Wide Residence
$ 53 Commercial Single Wide (rental)
$ 101 Commercial Double Wide or Larger (rental)

***Manufactured homes are due for renewal annually
in the months of October & November.

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All manufactured home registration decals must be affixed and plainly visible from curbside or drive for inspection purposes or be subject to a citation fee.
(40-12-255 b)


A manufactured home is defined as a structure, transportable in one or more sections, and which is build on a permanent chassis, and not designed normally to be drawn or pulled on the highway except to change permanent locations. A structure is considered a manufactured home with or without a permanent foundation. (40-12-255 n)

Any manufactured home not registered within (30) thirty days of purchase, or any manufactured home registration not annually renewed, will be subject to late penalties, a citation fee, and possible court fees. (Code of Alabama, Section 40-12-255)

The owner of the manufactured home shall furnish to the registration official the make, model, year, length, width, number of transportable modules, and serial number of the manufactured home.         (40-12-255 a)

Titles are required on homes that are 19 years old and newer. The fee for title application is $23.00 per transportable module.

Replacement titles may be issued to the registered owner of the manufactured home. The fee for a replacement title is $18.00 per transportable module.

Registration of manufactured homes can be made at the
Alexandria and Anniston locations. 

Renewals can be made at all three locations:
Anniston, Alexandria and Piedmont.

For Questions Regarding Manufactured Homes
Contact our office at 256-241-2900 or email at