Several of Alabama's familiar license plates are coming back in 2016 with a fresh, new look.  Jacskonville State University, Miles College, and Stillman University have all come out with a new design. 

In addition, residents will find new designs on some of their favorite specialty plates as well. National Wild Turkey Federation, Ovarian Cancer, Spay/Neuter, and Ducks Unlimited are all sporting a fresh look.

Families of service men and women will receive new designs on their Gold Star license plates.

In addition to the new designs, there are completely new plates available to residents.  There is a Bicentennial plate commemorating 200 years of Alabama history.  The professional firefighters also have their own newly designed plate.  Residents wanting to contribute to efforts in the fight against Sickle Cell disease may also purchase a plate making a donation to this effort.

Lastly, there is now available an "In Memory Of" license plate that will allow Alabama residents to memorialize deceased loved ones. The proceeds from this purchase will go to the Alabama State general fund.